5 Valentine's Day Dresses To Glam Up Or Style Down

Style Guide: 5 Valentine’s Day Dresses To Glam Up Or Style Down

Finding something to wear during Valentine’s Day weekend should not be one of the things you’re worried about this week, because we are here to save you those troubles. If you’re doing anything other than staying in, you’ll appreciate the 5 (but really 10) looks below. We’re aware not everyone will be spending their love holiday with a significant other. It can be spent with friends, family or even colleagues, which is why we’re giving you 5 dresses you can dress up or down to fit your plans. If you’re going to be out all day with no time to run home to change before your night starts, don’t fret. You’d be surprised by what a pair of pumps and a tube of lipstick could do.

Browse our 5 Valentine’s Day dresses and outfit ideas below.



Yes, even a ruffled one-shoulder dress can be worn casually by simply throwing on a cocoon coat and pair of loafers. Dress it up for the night by ditching your flats for a pair of pumps and adding dainty jewelry like a charm bracelet.