Introducing LINDZINE: Lindsay Lohan’s Very Own Glossy Fashion Mag (Well, not quite …)

It’s been pretty sad, to put it mildly, to watch the devolution of Lindsay Lohan over the years. From a fresh-faced starlet with so much potential into an out of control young adult swinging fron one low to the next (not to mention all the jail stints and gnarly drug-induced dental woes).

However there are still some diehard Lindsay fans out there – and for those believers, we have the perfect stocking stuffer for them. It’s called Lindzine and it’s a 56-page, lazer printed booklet which catalogs the actresses more fashionable moments over the years. You can get it here for a reasonable steal of $5.00 (wow, how the mighty have fallen!) – and because we love you. here’s a sneak peek slideshow below of what your five bones will earn you.

Please proceed:


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  1. says:

    she is so hot. still. i don’t care what she’s done. lol

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