Ryan Seacrest Launching Fashion Line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction

StyleBlazer Man: A Ryan Seacrest Fashion Line Will Hit Macy’s This Fall

Ryan SeacrestPhoto: WENN

Snappy dresser, red carpet fixture, and reality TV producer extraordinaire Ryan Seacrest is set to launch a line of menswear clothing called Ryan Seacrest Distinction at Macy’s in the fall, reports The Wall Street Journal. “I’m not a designer, nor do I think I am,” he said. “I see an opportunity to help curate these different pieces for guys at an accessible level.”

Seacrest was approached by Rand Accessories–a NYC company that makes accessories for Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger–about the line after a year of research concluded that he made men feel safe about their fashion choices. Other names thrown about during the research process were Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, who were ultimately less popular (ie: less frequently Googled) than Seacrest–in terms of fashion.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction will be comprised of mostly tailored clothing and accessories, and include suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, ties, belts, and tie bars–which Ryan Seacrest could be credited with bringing back en vogue.

The cool and unexpected element of Seacrest’s line is how easy it will be for men to pick what pieces to pair together. Using a color-matching system called “Style made Smart” each garment with come tagged with a number (1-4) that will tell them which styles go together–pieces tagged with 1 will be from the same color family, etc. (Note to all you color blind men out there, you will no longer have any excuse to leave the house looking crazy!)

On the red carpet and on American Idol, Seacrest is known for mostly sporting Burberry suits and tuxedos, but he will be wearing his own line once it debuts, he says. Burberry chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey, wishes him well, telling the WSJ, “I imagine there are many guys out there who admire his look.”

We’ve never really thought about Seacrest in terms of fashion before, but he is consistently well dressed and it’s clear that years of working with his two stylists has lent him some sartorial savoir-faire. We’re interested in seeing what he’s come up with for fall.

StyleBlazer men, do you admire Seacrest’s look? Would you buy his line? Let us know in the comments.

  • Jayde da Blade

    Oh my yes, this is a very impeccably dressed man and he knows a good suit by now I’m sure..Men have excellent taste and yes I love to shop for my man, I love mens clothing. A well dressed man is an ultra luxurious feature to have on the ride..I would buy his line.yes.

  • whatsup

    I love it! Yess Ryan

  • breal

    Ryan seacrest the devil…king of trashy tv…or as the broke folks call it reality tv