The 9 Habits Of Highly Stylish People

Donning the coolest labels in streetwear and “It” fashion can get you a pass to the cool kids’ club, but in six months it will be yesterday’s news. While others attempt to keep up with the Joneses and Hypebeast for the next round of coveted pieces, a certain select few are considered as purveyors of genuine style.

Also known as “highly stylish people,” these individuals are able to fuse their effortless cool with a compelling chic that sets them apart from fashion fiends and contemporaries alike. If you’re not street style-obsessed or a sartorial-snob, you can blow past the gazillion personal style blogs and create your own brand of eliteness by following these nine habits that highly stylish people use. With consistent practice, in turn, you can stop looking like everyone else, turn quite a few heads, and keep more money in your wallet!


1. They Don’t Worry About Style

NYFW - F/W '14 - Saunder - Runway

Photo: WENN

An effortless cool is an accurate description of how most highly stylish people go about living their life. You can too, but you have to stop worrying about what others think, say, or do when you walk out the house however you choose.


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