Kendall Jenner Wears A Sheer Top In The Marc Jacobs NYFW Show

#NYFW: Kendall Jenner Walks The Marc Jacobs Runway In See-Through Top

Kendall Jenner

Photo: Facebook/Into The Gloss

Last night at the final show of New York Fashion Week, Kendall Jenner made her runway debut for Jacobs in traditional over-the-top Kardashian fashion: she was wearing a completely sheer sweater without a bra. Yes, everything was visible. (We’re not going to post the actual photo, but if you must see it, stage mom Kris Jenner posted it on her Instagram, here.)

Traditionally nudity on the runway is no big deal, but for a girl who’s constantly under the spotlight–and who only turned 18 last November, by the way–to make the biggest move of her modeling career thus far in such a manner created quite a stir. More people are talking about Jenner than they are the actual fashions at the show itself.

But before the show, Kendall seemed as calm as a cucumber, giving no indication of the hoopla she surely knew her outfit would case. She spoke with Emily Weiss at Into the Gloss, saying “I just recently turned 18, so this [Marc Jacobs show] is my big kick-off to start and grow my career. The New York fashion scene is crazy, madness, but I love the energy. I love everything about it—like the hair and makeup today, it’s incredible. I’ve never had my eyebrows bleached; I don’t even look like myself!”

But after her strut down the runway, the backlash came pouring in, with many people voicing their opinion that she was too young to be dressing like that. Big sis Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter in Kendall’s defense, tweeting “She’s too dope for you 2 understand! Yall would trade places with her in a second! The hate is real! Lol bye haters! #ModelLife #Simple,” and reminding people of the fact that models don’t choose their own looks in the shows–they’re assigned them.

So was Marc Jacobs trying to make a statement by dressing Kendall this way? Or was this just typical fashion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • guest

    She is so much prettier than her wicked step-sisters.

    • eal

      Devil is a lie

  • tarrilove

    I think she’s going to be a huge model. Good luck to her. I hate everyone jumping on the bash wagon. Against Kardashian’s a lot can be learned from their hustle. They have made a empire over last couple of years. Not breaking a sweat. Something can be learned. From even people you don’t like.

    • Eraofheaux

      Kim dry self didn’t break a sweat. She had to two hand ray j. Google ray j and kim pics. She got paid 5 million to release right to tape. So yeah while everyone else lived off the fat fake on kim back been ran thru. She got worked real hard. Tj jackson
      ray j
      nick cannon
      nick lachey
      bow wow
      c hristiano REnaldo
      Gabrielle austin
      Kris humphries.
      heck everyone after ray j was from 2007 to 2013… broke a sweat on her back

      Fat women heaux and bros are kim k fans.

      • eraofheaux

        mile austin

      • tarrilove

        You have to much time on your hands. Also not a fan of Kim K. Read comment over. I respect hustlers, making a half a billion empire under ten years on no discernible talent. Is nothing short of amazing.

        • Artisha Willingham

          you must don’t have any self morals prostitution, is not a hustle nor is it’s amazing.what’s amazing is how how vagina walls have not collapse on kanye or the fact that he doesnt care

  • guest

    she should not be a model only a model for forever 21 and other small brands . with her in the industry , the fashion world seems like a joke now . and lol she only booked one show in new york

  • smileinyourface

    He treated her trashy…just like society views her family. Well played and deserved. A joke out of you….

  • Asky Askerson

    Way to start her career of with a bang. Haters made it happen, for real, lol. Weird. I don’t like the look, but that’s on Marc Jacobs, not Kendall, and Marc Jacobs isn’t going anywhere any time soon and neither is Kendall. She has the face and body to be a runway model, and that’s what she’s going to do.

  • Nikapeak

    Its very sad that is where we are as a society. Everything is so sexed up. It’s a shame that a young woman, only 18 years old, should have to bear something that should be private to the whole world. Its a travesty. And speaking of the Kardashians, they are popular, got money in the bank, but at what cost?