Happy Valentine’s Day! Our Gift Of Shirtless NBA All-Star Players

LeBron James shows off his ripped abs for NikePhoto: AKM-GSI


Valentine’s Day coincides with NBA All-Star Weekend every year, and it’s really a perfect marriage if you ask us. There’s nothing better than watching men run across a court, sweating and working to impress. We just got flustered. How could we not fall in love?

Aside from gold digger aspirations, it’s just nice to enjoy the view. And it’s especially nice when these NBA All-Star players are steamy and shirtless.

Some of the images in this slideshow of shirtless All-Star players were easy to find like LeBron James. But others (ahem Kyrie Irving) were pure treasure hunt. Like art, we’re celebrating the psychical form of each man before they play in New Orleans this weekend.

For more info on the All-Star line-up go here and flip through the next pages to see some of the players at their finest.


LeBron James shows off his ripped abs for NikePhoto: AKM-GSI
LeBron James, Eastern Conference


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  1. says:

    My boy.. Jason the ax murderer

  2. says:

    But Lebron tho! That man is capital F I N E!

  3. says:

    Blake griffin has a nice body

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