11 Winter Olympics 2014 Hotties

11 Of The Hottest 2014 Sochi Winter Olympians

Shaun WhiteShaun White, snowboarding (halfpipe)


If you’re like us, you’ve been so wrapped up in Fashion Week fashion that the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics has been a faint concept. And apparently we’re not the only ones not tuning in.

Considering all the effort that goes into the games, we decided to take some time to highlight them in our own special way. Through the hotties, of course.


Steve Langton
Steve Langton, bobsled


With only five days left in the competitions, we scoured to find the hottest American men competing. Clearly there’s no better form of patriotism than showing the finest men running round’ in ice for the good of the U.S of A.

Some we’re were familiar with, like Shaun White –who apparently cut his red locs short– but others are more recent acquaintances.

Meet them all on the next pages!

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