5 Celebrities Who Should Have Their Own Makeup Lines

5 Celebrities Who Should Have Makeup Lines

Yes, there seems to be like a million makeup lines out there but some celebrities just have such great makeup looks all the time, we certainly wouldn’t mind if they started pushing lipsticks and other beauty products. In fact we seriously question why the celebs on our list don’t already have cosmetic deals in the works. Perhaps this list can serve as as a gentle nudge.

Check out 5 celebrities who should have a makeup lines.


1. Lupita Nyong’o


Not only are we thinking the Academy Award winning beauty should have a makeup line, but fans of the star have already started a petition to get her one.

  • NYC Gal

    Like I said before Lupita needs to have a cosmetic deal with one of the major cosmetic companies! Revlon needs another black spokesperson. Halle is up in age!

  • English

    Lupita is so beautiful, I am so glad I am dark like her, can’t wait to buy her products. Absolutely Beautiful.