Yityish Titi Aynaw Talks About Racism in Israel

First Black Miss Israel Gives Insight On Being A Refugee

Yityish “Titi” Aynaw Photo: Devout Fashion

It’s more than a major accomplishment to win the crown as the first black Miss Isreal, and Yityish “Titi” Aynaw did it.

The 22-year-old is an Ethiopian Jew who moved to Israel at the age of 12 through one of the many programs that facilitated thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Aynaw, who won the title last year, was recently in the States by invitation of the Israeli Embassy and spoke to BuzzFeed about the state of the middle eastern country.

“I’m not ashamed to say that there is racism in Israel; it’s a problem, but it’s a problem that Israel is working on and it’s something that Israel is trying to fix and it’s actually improving,” she told the publication. “I don’t feel the racism, me, exactly. But my family feels it sometimes.”

Speaking quite candidly about the issues in the country, Aynaw raises eyebrows by sounding slightly xenophobic about certain types of refugees.

“If you feel like you’re going to be segregated then you end up being segregated, but if you feel like you’re going to be part of the society then you’ll be accepted.” Adding, “A lot of the refugees are not refugees of war, they’re economic refugees. You reach a place where there’s actually places in Tel Aviv where you can’t walk around because there’s rape and violence and it’s a bad situation.”

Her experience seems unique, in a country with a lot of color friction. Aynaw overall tones seems naïve, which is surprising for someone with her platform.

On the upside, she’s pretty.


Do you think her perspective is warped because of how she looks?

  • NaturaleDiva

    That woman is gorgeous! Wow!

    • JoeYardie


  • lalanika

    i don’t feel she is naive..but given her platform if she talks bad about her country they may give her grief. a lot of ppl weren’t happy when she won. she’s saving face.

  • SnowStormsinDetroit

    What is with the high waist joints???

    How y’all think y’all doing something in granny pannies???

    I just don’t get it.

    • jmjg

      Tell Jordan Davis that.

      • SnowStormsinDetroit

        For what???

    • Craig

      Get out of here with that colorblind mess Watch Israels new racism: The persecution of African Immigrants on youtube the video tells the real story of a racist nation basically an Apartheid nation on stolen land. She is watering it down because of her status.

      • SnowStormsinDetroit

        Nobody said nothing about color blind.

        But I’ll gladly translate it for you…

        Her status was gained bythinking like you.

      • whatupdoe

        Some of the racism in Israel is shockingly scary.

      • IslandGal2012

        She clearly said she may not have personally felt it, but members of her family have and others have. She acknowledges the issue exists and must change. What else should she say?

      • SnowStormsinDetroit

        Didn’t say nothing about colorblind.

        She acknowledges racism so it’s no point in perpetratin like she don’t.

        The water in the “whites only” fountain is the same. But the oppressor wants you to feel like his tastes better & worth more. Racism is an attack on YOUR MIND.

        She says if you feel segregated & you BELIVE in the “mind warp” you’ll only segregate yourself.

        Translation: If she thought like YOU she would’ve NEVER gained her “status” as the reigning Queen.

      • Huh

        How can you steal something that is yours to begin with?

  • Bee

    That swimsuit is everything, model material

  • Crowe

    So she was originally run out of Africa by blaq Mooslims?
    That’s where the racism started…………..

  • Ashstar Noir

    Blacks need to be a critizing if not more about Black leaders/nations than they are of Europe. No one is fleeing Europe for Africa, it’s the other way around.

    Genocide is rampant in Africa.

    • blue

      Do you understand the word rampant? And Genocide…. when problems happen in Africa … they used the word genocide… What about Israels treatment of the Palestinians? Is it also not Genocide? Lastly, name 5 countries out of Africa’s 52 countries, where “genocide” is taking place.

      • Ashstar Noir

        I used to live in Africa, they are a very divided place. THe poverty is rampant, and most live in unacceptable conditions.

        As far as Palestinians, they aren’t Angel and are equally racist, so I won’t defend them. Let the Qatar, Saudi Arabia defends them.

        • Craig

          I defend Palestine over isreal because 1. Isreal had one of the most evil men who ever lived Ariel Sharon, and good riddens to him 2. America and Isreal are in bed together an it isnt because Isreal is weak or helpless, And since I live in the USA I take offense to the USA sending billions of tax dollars over to Israel and then feel the ned to complain about government programs for poor people. So yeah Israel and the USA is a racist nation, All the support for Israel is strategic to the region because of Africa Iran and Russia, America wants control of the world by any means necessary.

          • Ashstar Noir

            Well good luck on Palestinian defend Blacks. THEy are even more racist than Jews. Arabs are super arrogant.

            I am not defending anyone, but I would rather run into a Jew than an Arab any day.

          • toomuchtime…

            Where do you get your information? Sharon one of the most evil men who ever lived? You must be kidding. I take it in your world Arafat was a humanitarian. Please read unbiased history and accounts of events. If you want to argue about uses of foreign aid, that’s a legitimate argument.
            Historically, the Arab countries received tremendously more amounts of military aid and much earlier than Israel. During the cold war, Russia gave Arab states like Egypt and Syria a military advantage. Israel, except in the 1956 war, has always been forced to defend itself with one arm tied behind its back. In 1973, Israel was on the verge of total defeat. Dayan and Meir were told to expect another Holocaust. Sharon, on his own, came out of retirement, gathered up his former officers and with only a couple of hundred men, led a brilliant, daring counterattack that snatched victory from the jaws of total defeat and annihilation.
            Under Sharon and every other Israeli leader, Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza as well as from other countries have come to Israel to get medical treatment they can’t get in their own lands. The Palestinians spend money on arms, traffic in drugs to raise money while denying the average Palestinians the kind of assistance that Israel provides them. The Palestinian warlords (that’s what they are) use women and children as human shields. Israeli soldiers don’t fire on them and as a result expose themselves to harm. Meanwhile, Jihadists rain rockets on Israeli children and abuse their own children by training them to become suicide bombers.
            As for Palestinian refugees, do you realize how they came to be such a large number? Initially, most fled Israel when the state was formed in 1948. The Jewish state begged them to stay and help fight. They fled because they were told by their Arab “friends” in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon to flee and that they’d be allowed back in after the allied Arabs armies destroyed Israel. When that didn’t happen, they were stuck in exile. Did their Arab brothers help them assimilate? No. They forced them to stay in refugee camps. Then these Arab states had the United Nations pay for the upkeep in these camps. In the 1960’s, the United Nations decided they’d give welfare payments to the people in the refugee camps. When poor Arabs heard about this, they flooded the refugee camps to get on the dole. With oppressive governments bereft of opportunity at home, this was the consequence. Over the years, when payments were being made to the councils that ran the camps (the PLO), the money was used to purchase arms, not improve the condition of the refugees.

        • mo

          What country did you live in?

          • SnowStormsinDetroit

            Watch them reply…

            “I already told you…. Africa”!

            Lol lol..

            I mean really.. Who even says “I used to live “there”…. When referring to Africa??

            NOBODY!! They always refer to their country first. Or at the very least 2nd. But never just “I used to live “THERE” WTF??? Lolooolo

          • mo

            Lol I know there’s many countries that are different from each other.

          • SnowStormsinDetroit

            Soooo different.

            Africa is not a country…

            It’s a damn CONTINENT!! Lol lol

      • justasking

        I believe it’s called genocide when it’s made a big enough impact on the country anywhere it happens. Do you even pay attention to anything besides what you want to repeat?

      • walt kovacs

        if you believe that the so-called palestinian is a victim of genocide, then you dont understand the meaning of the word

      • toomuchtime…

        You obviously don’t know the meaning of the word genocide (especially vis-a-vis Israel and the Palestinians). Please look it up. The Palestinians turned down two opportunities for statehood (just ask Clinton’s negotiator, Dennis Ross). The Palestinians want one thing only, the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel. Just read what’s in their media and in their classrooms. That stuff is vile, racist, anti-Jewish. And if you really care, the so-called “Palestinians” have no historical right to the land- not in Israel or the West Bank. Read a very well researched and documented book by Joan Peters titled “From Time Immemorial”. She undertook the task with the idea of proving Palestinian claims of legitimacy and ended up with the opposite conclusion.

    • Craig

      All those problems in Africa occur from the whit colonizers through the centuries and other races taking advantage of the continent.

      • Ashstar Noir

        Blacks are the only race that use their past as an excuse for everydamn thing. If Whites had never enslaved Blacks, who the fug would you be able to blame on all your ill choices.

        Africa was not a paradise, it was tribal, divisive and no they did not do much with the land either. All this talk about how White stole this and that from Africa, as if Africans were doing anything exceptional with the land.

        They didn’t even know the minerals, and their resources were even worth anything,nor did they create any worhwhile industry.

        Grow up.

        • Craig

          shut up, white people are behind the scenes in Africa right now, I’m guessing u never heard of Africom that the USA has going on, how about the french troops. They were living thats what they were doing and they were living withoput white people there just fine. White peoples karma is coming, my elders always said u ant run from the past and its true. I bet u didn’t know Israel financed 9/11 either, it wasn’t an inside job like some claim but it was allowed to happen so It may be able to be called an inside job by definition. If whites had never enslave blacks there wouldn’t have been any ill choices, u guys cause death destruction, disease everywhere yall go, drop bombs on kids an expect to never get attack u are funny.

        • Guest

          U are insane, white people are behind the scenes in Africa right now, I’m guessing u never heard of Africom that the America has going on, how about the french troops. Africans were living thats what they were doing and they were living without white people there just fine. White people karma is coming, my elders always said u cant run from the past and its true. I bet u didn’t know Israel financed 9/11 either, it wasn’t an inside job like some claim but it was allowed to happen so It may be able to be called an inside job by definition. If whites had never enslave blacks there wouldn’t have been any ill choices, u guys cause death destruction, disease everywhere yall go, drop bombs on kids an expect to never get attacked u are funny.

          • Nene

            The white man is the blue eyed devil in the Bible. There are a lot of beautiful first class countries on the continent of Africa but the media won’t show you those parts because of fascism. Watch “Hidden Colors 1and 2” and read up on the Moors and America’s first black/African American president John Hanson whos face can be seen on the back of the two dollar bill.

        • whatupdoe

          One of the most ignorant statements I’ve read. If you would like to loose this ignorance, go read some books on African history. Let me know if you need any assistance selection some.

        • smittyt

          You are the dumbest piece of white trash known to man.

        • fatlady sings da blues

          Really an excuse you make me sick. How can it be an excuse, considering that black Americans only gained access to human rights like 40 years ago, still leave under a regime that is designed to oppresse them. Racism in South Africa only ended a few years ago. How can you call that an excuse. Their are still black people that remember the pain of segregation. Most African countries gained independent in the 60’s others after. The notion of freedom independent is still a new concept to all of us African. We have come along way in a short period of time. An excuse you need to watch were you’re directing your nonsense. You wouldn’t say the same about Jewish people because they are considered wealthy but there are Jews in Israel that leave in poverty. You just need to go away.

  • Jeff Smith

    Help me understand. Is she the first Miss Israel who happens to be Black or did she win a Black Miss Israel pageant?

    • SnowStormsinDetroit

      She won the whole thing.

      • Jeff Smith

        Got it. Thanks.

        • IslandGal2012


  • Random random

    She is speaking from her perspective based off re experience brow can you say that she is naive about a country that she lives in and you don’t? Her opinion doesn’t have to be everyone else’s opinion, just hers.

  • Polar Vortex

    How many people are we suppose to take in from failed states?

    • yeuphonic

      what? how about don’t take in billions from U.S. citizens? how about don’t run a military PR campaign to distort the attacks on unarmed Palestinians? how about not sterilizing Ethiopian Jews? how about not acting as.if your holocaust was the only human tragedy? how about telling the truth about Zionists that run your European sanctioned, American backed state?

      • walt kovacs

        unarmed? rocks, molotov cocktails, guns, rockets….far from unarmed

        depo provera does not sterilize

        the league of nations and the un were/are not just europe

        and you are a filthy jew hating bigot

        • yeuphonic

          oh the irony in your response. First you ask “how many people are we suppose to take in from failed states” These are Ethiopian JEWS but not your people I guess.

          far from unarmed does not equal bombs dropped on civilians. War is disgusting but leaders ON BOTH SIDES don’t want peace.

          depo povera given to a certain group of women (ethiopian women) WITHOUT their consent is sterilization as there are long term effects to the use of that product. Eugenics much?

          I know it included the league of nations but you missed the point of the funding of your state because you want to label me a “filthy jew hating bigot” which I am not.

          you are blind to the world because you have manipulated by propaganda and religion…much like Americans. get well

  • Alex

    She’s lovely and so classy. So much better to look at than all these so called model’s with their thick bodies.


    She almost looks like eve the rapper….they are both beautiful women

  • word of mouth

    Ethiopian women are known White men lovers. They are the original Jews of the ancient world yet they fight to be accepted by the White converts who’s ancestry cannot be traced to that part of Africa

    • More

      U crazy middle eastern and African women swirl the least due to deep cultural rooted reasons. Just cuz Iman did thats not the likelihood its happen in real life.

  • word of mouth

    The Arab and his tribal Islamic traditions were the biggest detriment to Africans. It completely stripped the African of his identity. Africans need to read about the 700 years of Arab enslavement of Africans beginning in the 7th century and transformed into slavery in the West. Ethiopians, Sudanese and Somaliland were all Judeo-Christian nations before Islam.

  • Lil Bibby

    The original israelites were black.

  • Rodriguez

    Israel has always been an evil country they have a precarious whiteness that other white people do not recognize that is why they are so insecure. They treat the Palestinians worst than the Germans treated them but since they own the American media we never hear the truth.

  • tellthetruth

    It’s funny because I read an article on how Jews are leaving European countries because of racism towards them, but they do this to others in their country.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    They’re using these Ethiopian women to “mate” with so that they can claim 100 years from now they’re the natural inheritors of the land because of their Ethiopian blood. The queen of England does the same sh!t talking about she has Egyptian blood but looks like a fvcking cave tr0gl0dtye. FOH. They did the same thing to the Aboriginees in Australia. They bred the melanin out of them and now claim to be sovereign. FVCKING DEVILS.

  • Do you know that she is more jewish then those fake jews in Israel, Hollyweird, New York and New Jerusalem (New Jersey). And she is pure beauty!

  • Ouch*Dee*Thats*Bottom!

    photoshopped stomach

  • walt kovacs


    are you trying to say that she isnt speaking from experience and that she is lying about much of the crime coming from those that entered the country illegally and are there only for economic reasons?

  • walt kovacs

    is this style site run by stormfront?

  • toomuchtime…

    The fools who write these articles don’t have a clue about what’s happening. Something like 100,000 Africans have come north and stormed the Egyptian-Israeli border. Israel did not refuse them entry. They have no history of Judaism in their background. With them, they’ve brought a terrible crime problem. They are culturally unlike most everyone in the country and have become a burden economically and socially.

  • JoySS

    She is gorgeous as are so many Ethiopian women in Israel. I do not see her color. She is my Jewish sister.