The Kardashian Girls Are Taking Over Magazine Covers

Kardashian Kover Stars: The Sisters Take March And April


Keeping up with the Kardashians these days is getting harder and harder as the girls are practically saturating every media outlet in existence. Magazine covers might be the next frontier for the family to take over–aside from baby clothes–if these two recent covers are any indication: Both Kendall and Kylie Jenner covered Marie Claire Mexico‘s March issue, and Khloe Kardashian is on Cosmopolitan‘s April issue.

First up, let’s talk the little ones. The youngest of the bunch, Kendall and Kylie are still making names for themselves in Hollywood and the fashion world. Kendall’s recent forays down the catwalk have thrust her into the fashion spotlight. She made her debut in the Fall 2014 shows in NYC, walking for Marc Jacobs. Since then she’s walked in Kardashian-favorite Givenchy, and today she even walked in the Chanel show. (Yes, the amazing one with the supermarket theme.)

Us Weekly reports that their Marie Claire Mexico shoot was inspired by famed Mexican artist Friday Kahlo. In their cover story, the girls go into their career aspirations; Kendall, obviously, wants to continue modeling, while Kylie wants to pursue design. With the Kardashian name floating like a banner before them anywhere they go, chances are doors will continue to open for the girls, whether it’s fair not.

In the April’s Cosmo–out on newsstands today–Khloe dishes on life as a Kardashian and is interviewed by her mother, Kris Jenner. Cosmo‘s online preview reveals that even though Bruce Jenner is off living the dream in Malibu, outside the immediate circumference of Kardashian family drama, he’s still very much a part of the family circle. Good for them.

All this Kardashian news all the time makes us wonder if this bubble is ever going to burst. We are, admittedly, potentially part of the problem. But hey, they do tend to look amazing in photo shoots or what?


Photo: Cosmo



Photo: Marie Claire Mexico

  • tammy

    Corny!!!! Boring

    • Asky Askerson

      So boring that you entertained yourself by looking at the pictures, probably reading some of the article, and taking the time to comment. You guys are transparent.

      • tammy

        You corny too!!!! @ booooring!!

        • Asky Askerson

          No, I’m not, you’re just trying to find something negative to say about anyone who doesn’t just randomly hate like you do.

          • Maggie

            agree with the ladies, you are corny.

          • Asky Askerson

            Those aren’t ladies, those are hoodrats. And I’m not corny, you’re just upset and like so many others who don’t think for themselves, you just parrot each other out of anger and jealousy. You’re too nearsighted to see how transparent and obvious it is.

      • Liz

        Had to look at the pics to comment, dummy. The verdict is “boring”. “Corny”. You heard the lady. And no one read the “article”.

        • Asky Askerson

          You must feel like such a grown up, calling people names online for no reason. Of course you didn’t read the article, that would be too much learning and being normal for someone like yourself. And no, you do not have to look at the pictures to comment or make a verdict. Do any of you think things through before you type or are you all just that emotional?

  • sycamore

    I only like Kylie lol



  • Reese

    I remember when models used to cover magazine. Kendall is legit, but you get my

  • Asky Askerson

    Kendall and Kylie are not Kardashians, never will be and claim they don’t even want to be. And they don’t look like Kardashians anyway. Nevertheless, they look very high fashion and they definitely remind me of the Olsen Twins.

    Khloe on the other hand, has been on point lately. Isn’t it funny? Khloe’s the youngest, she’s currently the most popular and best liked, and she’s also looking the best these days, and guess who’s in the photo shoot with her? Kris, lol. Kris doesn’t even try to hide that she gravitates towards the most popular, highest earning daughter. I think Khloe thinks it’s funny. And it kind of is.

    • nolagirl

      Please tell me you are 14 years old, because if a grown woman wrote this I won’t know how to deal.

      • Asky Askerson

        I’m more than 10 years older than that. I get it that you’re rude, but, I don’t see what age has to do with liking a celebrity or not, unless that celebrity is specifically geared towards children.

        • Liz

          No, from your comment you don’t just like them… You live through them. You must have ZERO life if you are impressed by these plain/ugly teens.

          • Asky Askerson

            That doesn’t make sense. That’s just your way of expressing disagreement – by hoping you can invalidate me somehow. You’re the one calling people plain and ugly, while on an article about them that nobody made you click. It’s sad that you all resort to things like this, it makes your whole group look very bad. No normal people behave this way, even on the internet. “You live through them.” You don’t realize that your statement is transparent. You hope I do, because you dislike and disagree with me and want to say something negative about me. It’s an embarrassing way for you to behave, honestly.

      • Nessa Fox

        Lmaoo I thought the same thing. She’s insane

        • Asky Askerson

          Insane =/= liking things that you dislike.

  • nolagirl

    Kendall is a catalog model; she is not high fashion. This entire family is disgusting.

    • Liz

      True. Kylie’s face will turn out to be more interesting and avant garde in the end.

  • Nessa Fox

    Who even reads these magazines anymore?

  • PolkaDots

    Kendall looks GREAT!