#PaRIH: Rihanna does Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

#PaRIH: 9 Days Of Rihanna At Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week - Chanel - InsidePhoto: ATP/WENN

Paris Fashion Week quickly became PaRIH Fashion Week this season with international pop artist Rihanna making appearances at fashion shows and parties all over the city. While the current face of Balmain didn’t quite cough up her exact intentions of attending all of the shows–our money is on her gathering inspiration for the fashion brand she’s rumored to be starting herself–that didn’t stop her from donning look after look from each designer for her appearances.

Looks ranged from simple ripped denim and leather to suiting and even a bit of fishnet. And while we still can’t figure out exactly how she changed so quickly between shows–though she did have her stylist Mel Ottenberg with her throughout the week – we can’t deny she looked good every step of the way.

Check out Rihanna snuggling with Karl Lagerfeld and Olivier Rousteing, as well as sitting next to fashion’s newest It-Girl Lupita Nyong’o in the following slides.


Paris Fashion Week - Chanel - Inside


  • ;)

    It looks like her stans are still too busy going in on Karruexhe to notice how stunning Rihanna looks over here! Yaaaasssss Rih!!!!! She did that;)

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    She totally rocked Parih !!!!. Her fame just jumped up a couple of more notches…….

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    Blazing !!!!!

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    I can’t call it. …just when I count Rih out she go and up the ante …….

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    She connects so easily and comfortably with other people. Her personality is a huge part of her success

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    Now go join your man in Rehab and and yall follow blueprint of Jay and Bey

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    rih rih’s legs look scrumptious in that top pic………..