Nicolas Ghesquière Debuts First Collection For Louis Vuitton Fall 2014

#PFW: Nicolas Ghesquière Cinches Waists At Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Debut

Paris Fashion Week - Louis Vuitton - CatwalkPhoto: SIPA/WENN

Today’s Louis Vuitton show marked the dawn of a new era. With Marc Jacobs having left the helm at the end of last season, Nicolas Ghesquière’s collection would be the first ready-to-wear collection for the label with a Parisian–and with anyone other than Jacobs ultimately–in the driver’s seat. The result: pure bliss.

For his first collection–a collection that was undoubtedly the most anticipated of the season–Ghesquière tightened things up a bit for the Vuitton woman, literally. Looks came down the runway one after the other with black leather belts cinched and knotted tightly at the waist. The result was beautifully dramatic silhouettes that flared out and stopped around mid thigh, high above the booties and heeled sandals that accompanied the styles.

Yes, you read that right: bare legs for the fall. Consolation prize? Long, dangling charm earrings worn singularly as opposed to as a pair, and a flurry of new bags, one in particular that seemed to be a miniature version of the brand’s signature steamer trunk.

The designer’s history at Balenciaga seemed to push through a bit in those shapes, most keenly in a molded ski sweater that was matched with an A-line miniskirt, but blended seamlessly into the DNA of Vuitton, nonetheless. Trouser offerings were slim in both silhouette and number. At times, those offerings, coupled with the omnipresent leather of the collection, seemed to nod to a slight biker inspiration for the season. Whether they were or not, we can’t wait to see Nicolas bloom in his new home!

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Paris Fashion Week - Louis Vuitton - Catwalk