NY And LA Bolster Anti-Aging Skin Care Market

NY And LA Bolster Anti-Aging Skin Care Market

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It is safe to say that NY and LA are age obsessed cities. One is the fashion capital of the world and the other is home of the entertainment industry. Two businesses that place a heavy premium on youth. So it should come as no surprise that a recent report found that both cities account for the majority of anti-aging skincare sales in the U.S. According to WWD, the New York market– more specifically the tri-state area of NY, CT & PA– along with LA, represents “24 percent of all anti-aging facial skin-care sales in United States.”

Of the top 10 market area for anti-aging sales– which includes New York; Los Angeles; San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose; Chicago; Miami/Fort Lauderdale; Washington (Hagerstown)/Md./Pa./Va./W.V; Boston/N.H/Vt; Philadelphia/Del./N.J; Houston; and Seattle-Tacoma– New York experienced the most growth with 16 percent over the last year. New Jersey follows with a close second of 11 percent. The other cities saw anywhere from 6 to 8 percent, with the exception of Seattle, which only saw a 2 percent growth.


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