Lupita For Mac Campaign Trends

The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Twitter Wants MAC To Hire Lupita

2014 Vanity Fair Oscar PartyPhoto: WENN

Twitter is a know-it-all. Because of group think, when one person has a semi-decent idea, people who agree make it a trend. And one trend we saw last weekend was #LupitaForMAC.


lupita for mac lupita for mac

It’s only been a week since the Kenya stunner won an Academy Award for her role in “12 Years of Slave,” but she’s taken the world by storm. Fashion has already embraced her with an editorial in Vogue and campaign deal with Miu Miu. Now fans want to see her model makeup for popular brand MAC.

In the past MAC has enlisted the help of artists like Cyndi Lauper, Nicky Minaj, Rihanna and even Ru Paul to model their many products. Rihanna’s limited edition collection in particular did very well, selling out soon after making its debut. So it makes sense why Twitter wants to the see the Oscar winner as a face of the brand.



Only problem is, she’s not a good fit.

Let’s be honest, the celebrities chosen to represent MAC have a certain bold aesthetic. In addition to the aforementioned people– Christina Aguilera, Carmen Electra, Fergie and Lady Gaga have also modeled for the company. And while these ladies are gorgeous in their own way, they’re also celebrities that are synonymous with decadence and have ostentatious personalities.

Someone like Nyong’o who is a fresh-faced natural beauty would probably be a better fit for a L’Oreal, Neutrogena, Almay or even Maybelline. Her skin, which is her most marketable asset, is impeccable. So we’d love to see her looking natural as possible and selling products that promote smooth, even-toned skin care.

We have a whole business plan in mind. So Lupita, ignore Twitter and call us.


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