Rihanna And Drake Make Really Be A Couple

Could Drake And Rihanna Be Fashion’s Next ‘It’ Couple?

Rihanna And Drake Dine At NobuPhoto: Craig Harris/WENN


It’s a longtime coming, but sources are saying that Drake and Rihanna are on the way to official coupledom. While on his “Would You Like a Tour?” tour, the pair have been spotted together at restaurants, hanging out in clubs and walking out of hotels together.

But this isn’t the first time they’ve been rumored to be dating. In 2010 on Rihanna’s “Loud” album she featured the rapper on her hit single “What’s My Name?” and their on-camera chemistry led people to think they were more than a video couple. The club fight in June 2012, between Drake and Chris Brown was said to have been provoked by Drake sending a passionate note about his relationship with the Bajan singer.


Drake and Rihanna leave Nobu restaurant on Park Lane, 30 seconds apart, having dined there togetherPhoto: Craig Harris/WENN


Drake and Rihanna leave Nobu restaurant on Park Lane, 30 seconds apart, having dined there togetherPhoto: Craig Harris/WENN


Fast forward to today where on various occasions both RiRi and Drake have said their relationship was platonic, but also hint at something more. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he called her the “ultimate fantasy” adding, “I mean, I think about it. Like, ‘Man that would be good.’ We have fun together. She’s cool and s–t. But we’re just friends.”

Essentially, the jury on these two is out. They may be buddies or they may be the next singer/rapper couple. We will say that if these two do date, they’d make for the most fashionable couple on the scene right now. Between RiRi’s love of high-end designers, MAC makeup collection and modeling gigs and Drake’s custom Calvin Klein performance outfits and Nike sneakers– we would only expect more fashion projects from the two.

See their cutest non-couple, couple-like moments on the next pages.


And let us know, do you think these two are dating?

  • MsV68Roge

    Time will tell about RiRi and Drizzy…


    It da mn sure ain’t kim and kanye

  • Lola

    Love them!!!

  • Esmeralda

    we gotta see first. damn. you guys are jumping the gun. what’s next? how their babies gonna look?

  • PolkaDots

    Fashion IT couple..Black people are hilarious.

  • JamesDeanOnTheLow

    I’m here for all things Rihanna!~

  • Nanaya Biness

    I’m not sure about them together…i don’t think they will last either…js.

  • smackyobitchass

    Ughhh I don’t like neither one of them

  • Madonna is Queen

    These 2 are the best! Love them and would love to see them together!

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