Victoria's Secret CEO, Sharen Turney Topic Of New Book

There’s A Messy Tell-All Book About Victoria’s Secret CEO, Sharen Turney

Heidi Klum and Sharen TurneyPhoto: WENN

There’s a tell-all book in the works that could bring a lot of skeletons out of Victoria’s Secret closet. The focus of the book will be Sharen Turney, the billionaire CEO of Victoria’s Secret Megabrand & Intimate Apparel who allegedly had an extramarital affair with Cliff Donenfeld, a Naples, Fla., luxury real estate broker. The two were said to be involved from 2008 to 2010.

Apparently Turney has been trying to prevent the book from coming out (for obvious reasons), allegedly sending someone to watch Donenfeld’s every move. But a close source to Donenfeld says she’s only mentioned in one chapter of the book that captures other aspects of his life. “It is in my rights to write my memoirs, and I will write them,” he said.

Turney has been married for over 20 years to her husband, Charles and they have a son together. She and Victoria’s Secret have yet to comment about the book, but we’re sure everything possible is being done to minimize her role in the book.