Why Timberland Remains America’s Most Sought After Boot


    In off that….a song jayz did with drake in 2009 from the blueprint 3 album, he tried to dead timbaland boots now he wearing them again

  • coup

    Who started them timberlands off in fashion? DC and PG maryland baby! 1988

    • Ayisha Carnival Queen

      Oh please. Maryland? Lame fashion in Maryland

    • Dmax Lomax

      Not, lol. If 88 was when yall started rockin them, yall are real late.

  • Britt

    Love em! These will forever be a classic!

  • Brooke Sheraton

    Do your research, the timberland logo is a tree which they used to lynch black people. This as well as otyer well known logos represent racist or satanic things. Look it up.

    • Dmax Lomax

      99% of americas older logos can be seen to have some other sadistic meaning in that case. This is a country built by the devil, what do you expect.

    • Jayde da Blade

      also I have heard that the owner of Tims is a grand wizard for the clan……you no rumor has it….

  • Ouch*Dee*Thats*Bottom!

    Tims? No. Danner. Thats whats up.

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