Your Morning Tea: Charlotte Olympia Designs For The Working Woman

charlotte olympia bags

Charlotte Olympia is expanding to design two collections for the working woman.. of the early 20th century. Pieces include a top handle bag that come with 3/4 gloves. Because no assistant of Don Draper would go without them. [READ More with subscription]

There’s nothing more disappointing than a girl who underestimates her smarts. A new study found that young women often low ball their potential when it comes to math. Meanwhile, boys (who invented snot bubbles) are confident of their work. [READ More]

Hollister, the more stuck-up version of Abercrombie & Fitch, is changing the way they run business. After staggering sales, the company is set to become a fast-fashion brand, pumping out clothing like H&M. All jokes aside, we hope they choose better manufacturing tactics. [READ More]

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