Angel Haze Lyrics And More Discussed in Vogue Interview

Angel Haze Talks About Her Love Of Wearing Black And Edgar Allen Poe With ‘Vogue’

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Angel Haze has officially been embraced by the fashion community. Proof stands in the March issue of British Vogue.

The confident 22-year-old posed for the fashion publication and opened up about her image– often questioned by critics. As a self-title “pansexual,” the rapper says her image is nothing to be toyed with. She also speaks about her love of black clothing, latest album and Edgar Allen Poe.


Angel-Haze-1-Vogue-7mar14-pr_bPhoto: Vogue


On dressing sexier as an artist: “People try to tell me what to wear – that hyper-sexualised look. I’m usually a very covered up person, but when I first started, so many people said you need to dress sexier. I was like, ‘Dude I weigh 102 pounds. I look like a f**king teenager; there is nothing here at all.'”

On rapping about the issues she went through as a child: “I could only listen to that twice. I didn’t go through everything I went through in life to water it down or sugarcoat it. There are so many issues that people won’t speak of and you just need to shine a light on it.”

On what she wants to do in the future: “I have plans for charitable outreaches; I want to start a house for troubled teens who are in abusive homes or don’t feel loved and launch a scholarship fund for the homeless. I know it sounds like Miss America, but I do really mean it.”

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  • akwgreenzbk

    Love her style…third pic on the first page and the ensembles on 4th and 5th page. Yeah she has some style.

  • LovAsia

    OMG I love you ANGEL!


    Dhes a beast on the mic…I miss the day when hip hop was, about who’s the dopest and not who’s the se xiest

  • She’s got serious lyrical skills! Check out her track “Battle Cry”.