Vintage Black Glamour Book To Hit Stores

Rare Photos Of Black Hollywood Stars Show Up In New Book

Lena Horne Getty Images vintage black glamourPhoto: Fred Ramage/Keystone Features/Getty Images

We could spend hours pouring over the rare and amazing photographs from the website Vintage Black Glamour. In fact we have, which is why we’re pumped that Nichelle Gainer, the site’s founder and editor, has decided to compile the best of the best into one beautiful coffee table book.

The 100+ page tome, which is only available for pre-order at the moment, will include candid images like Josephine Baker getting a pedicure, Diana Ross on the set of “Mahogany” and Aretha Franklin in her dressing room, just to name a few. However, movie stars and musicians aren’t the only ones making their stylish mark in the book.

Read more about the project at BlackVoices.

  • tellthetruth

    I am going to comment since no one else is, but if was an article about the big booty,long weave, light skinned model of the month everyone would be up in here. Women like Lena Horne, Dorthy Dandridge, and Ms. Ross were and still is the epitome of class and grace.

    • Polar Vortex

      Yeah…..they all loved white men…..puck them

      • Alizé Allard

        SO? 2.3 of those examples were mixed race, the other being almost white looking lol

      • Laide Lawal

        Because White men are not human beings. I bet you bow down to White Jesus too! hmm..hmmm…shsh…