StyleBlazer Street Fashion Shots, 11.17.11 : The Chilly Temps Edition

StyleBlazer Street Fashion Shots 11.17.11: The Chilly Temps Edition (Pics Galore!)

In one of the busiest and most stylish cities in the world, a little cold weather can’t stop the fashion flow of our all-season, all-star fashionistas.

For this edition, we swaddled our trusty street photographer, Mari J. Brooklyn in the warmest cashmere sweater/scarf set (along with a matching bubble jacket) and sent her out to capture some street fashion. Of course, she did her thing as usual and snapped up the electric style of some of the flyest girls in NYC.

So straight from StyleBlazer’s Penthouse lab to your computer screen, please enjoy the slideshow below:

  • Abduljabbaar

    All the ladies look great, but I like #4. The tights with army boots are smokin’ hot!

  • Saafir

    # 4 is rocking the boots and tights with the short afro!

  • LaidieCloth

    #8 flawless totally my style!