Beyoncé’s Real Clothing Size Revealed! You May Be Surprised

Beyonce dress sizePhoto: WENN


Loyal fans of Beyoncé have noticed that the star has slimmed down over the past two years, post baby Blue. In concert for a large portion of the time, the singer lost the baby weight and some more by dancing on stage night after night. And she looks great!

But you have to wonder… with all the working out, how small is she?

Well according to Project Runway’s Michael Costello, who created her recent Grammy dress, the 5’7″ diva is a size 2-4. “The dress was just made to fit a sample mannequin,” he said about the applique gown. “It’s smaller than a size 4. She is tiny! That dress is at least a 2/4. She looks amazing. I just love the way it all came together. Ty [Bey's stylist] knew it was going to fit.”

Before having Blue, Queen Bey looked good, being anywhere from a size 4-6. She had thicker thighs with a slightly athletic build. Post-baby, she has a slim elongated figure.

Currently Bey is on tour in Europe with her family. While she wears designer costumes on stage, the shrinking star continues to wear mid-price brands like Topshop– that also show off her great shape.

See her recent skinny-mini moments on the next pages.


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  1. says:

    A 2-4? Maybe I don’t have a good sense of dress sizes but she doesn’t look that small.

    • says:

      definitely at least a 6, but who cares about what size she wears as long as she’s healthy on this inside the outside doesn’t matter

    • says:

      I stood right next to her backstage at a concert. She is small and wears clothes that over emphasizes whatever shape she does have

      most of her images are photoshopped to give that precise hourglass shape…

      nothing is particularly striking about beyonce up close

  2. says:

    The day can’t go by without SOMETHING about beyonce..smh

  3. says:

    plz more like 4-6

  4. says:

    He shape is nice! I don’t care what size she is.

  5. says:

    2-4 is a uk for size 6 (Victoria Beckham) ! No way she is that small

  6. says:

    She’s not 5’7.

    • says:

      actually she is. My brother and I met her once and she is tall. I’m 5’2, my brother is 6’1. She was wearing flats and was closer to his height. She isn’t fat, she has a but but she’s a small person. TV and photos will add pounds to you, so unless you’ve met her, don’t judge.

  7. says:

    She looks good slimmer. People who don’t believe, why? Why would anyone lie? That’s just corny, don’t be so suspicious of every little thing to the point where you can’t even read a simple article about someone’s clothing size. Again, women are just showing how they don’t know how to shop for women’s sizes. DRESS size is not the same thing as jean size. It takes other things into account other than your waistline. And you cannot tell what size someone is by looking at pictures of them. If you have met Beyonce in person, then your opinion will get to count if you say she’s not that size. Until then, you sound silly.

  8. says:

    Wow didn’t know she was that tall she’s taller than me. Guess it shouldn’t be a surprise ms. Solange is tall too

  9. says:

    It’s called vanity sizing. It gets me caught up, too. I’ll put on a 2 or 4 thinking that’s my size, then in a different brand, I’ll need at least a 6 or 8.

  10. says:

    she probably is 2-4, kyle from rhobh is a size 4 and she looks like she has a lot of meat on her bones.

  11. says:

    My thighs and hips are smaller than hers and I wear a 6-8 jeans. I don’t know why some women get caught up on the number. As long as you look good that’s all that matters.

  12. says:

    Like someone already stated, she is not 5’7. We met her backstage in philly. I think she is like 5’4 just always in heels.

    • says:

      No she is closer to 5’7. Jay is 6’2 and with heels she is almost head to head. But does it really matter?

    • says:

      No way. She definitely taller than that. Her neck is long. She’s about 5′ 7 @t least. Jay tall. She’s not a midget next to him. And we can tell Blue gonna be tall.

  13. says:

    its definitely healthy the way she twerks it on stage for 2 hrs every night

  14. says:

    She looks great. I’ve discovered that some of us BW are considered ” big bone” but it’s because during our younger years we ate freely with out restrictions…and was thick and looked good. .so people put it in our heads were ” big boned” then lost weight and discovered our bones weren’t so big after all. Bey looks good. Poor Bobbie Kristina……now that’s unhealthy you can see the difference.

  15. says:

    If they don’t cut it out with the post baby bull sh#t!!
    I can ride with anything but that lie!!

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