Mariah Carey Instagrams More Bikini Pics

Mariah Carey, We Love You But Stop Instagramming Bikini Photos

Mariah Carey Instagram7


There was a time when Mariah Carey could do no wrong. The singer, who has more smash hits than A-Rod has home runs, knows how to make good music and play the diva role to a tee. But her presence on Instagram has disturbed me from day one.

Like an older sister with no restraint, MC continues to post waaaay too much information about herself. Like the stuff you never wanted to know– mainly sexually suggestive stuff.


Mariah Carey Instagram6


As a precursor, she does post tons of adorable family photos and selfies that we love. Those we can’t get enough of.

But there was the bubble bathtub photo dedicated to husband, Nick Cannon. The dancing around in her closet post for 4th of July. And the ever-present bikini and heels photos. We get it, someone in your home finds you sexy.

It hurts me to say it, but the woman who brought us classic hits like “Always Be My Baby,” “Butterfly,” “Honey” and “Fantasy” looks slightly desesperado. But it’s true. More recently she posted three photos of herself enjoying a listening session in an undisclosed tropical location. And in each picture, the 43-year-old wears a tenny red bikini and heels.

It’s all good to look good after having kids. It’s all good to look at 40 plus. But the level of TMI we get from these pics is cringe-worthy and we’d appreciate it if she stopped.

Being too judgmental? See some of her most risque bikini pics from Instagram on the next pages– and let us know!

  • yeuphonic

    she does way too much but so do you compiling months worth of photos

  • hardcorelamb!MC4ever

    Omg people get a life. If you don’t want to see this pictures don’t follow her. Mariah always being like that. If u don’t like her sexiness to bad for you just unfollow.

  • kisstheringfool

    Is it so hard to unfollow folks

  • MacingFacing

    Mariah…we know what this is all about. I mean if we can see it…we know Nick can see it


    • Bella

      That was mean.

  • PolkaDots

    She’s an AGING, FAT, DIVA and she just doesn’t want to deal with it….Hello, MARIAH – you were exotic and WANTED like 15 years ago probably but you aren’t UNIQUE but what YOU HAVE become is PATHETIC.