Your Morning Tea: Prada Buys An Italian Pastry Shop

Prada bakery


Every once in a while we read a story that makes us appreciate the simple freedoms we have in the US. An eye-opening piece from Rose George delves into “chhaupadi,” the practice of shunning women on their menstrual period in the western region of Nepal. If you think your cramps were bad, try experiencing them while exiled from your loved ones. [READ More]

Something about the way Jennifer Hudson announced her departure from Weight Watchers rubs us the wrong way. Maybe because she did it with a series of cryptic tweets before making an official announcement. Did someone, per chance, gain a pound or two back? [READ More]

And on the note of J. Hud gaining weight.. it looks like Prada has ventured into the world of baking. Yes, the Italian brand bought a pastry shop last week. The little shop is known for its pastries, chocolate and panettone– so basically they should have the sweetest fashion shows going forward. [READ More]

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