Here Are 5 Stylish Watches You Need In Your Life

Time Change: 5 Stylish Watches You Should Be Considering


Tired of waking up late and not knowing what time it is? Or spending most of your time watching the clock instead of just casually checking in? There are watches for that! As long as you don’t live under an enormous rock, you’ll remember that we just recently had daylight savings. And if you’re one of the aforementioned watch-less people, it’s about time you get yourself a new timepiece. Literally. So grow up, and invest in a quality watch, because there are tons of people who are tired of being stopped on the street for a time check (yourself included, probably!).

And because we’re always here to help, StyleBlazer put together this list of stylish and affordable watches for you to consider. Click away, and find out which watch you want to make time for.


Nixon, The Mod, $80

Behold The Mod. It’s an effortlessly stylish and practical option for those leisurely errand runs, an afternoon at yoga, or a quick stop at the gym. Three-hands, a custom-painted dial, and a mineral-hardened crystal face are what makes this watch versatile, while still allowing it to match even the simplest of outfits. And if you love the brand Nixon, you will appreciate your timepiece even more. Every watch is crafted to perfection for an overall long-lasting, affordable, and comfortable product. Don’t believe us? Ask anyone who’s ever owned one. You can shop it here.