Tiffany Boone Dishes On Her Role On 'The Following'

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Tiffany Boone Dishes On Her Role On ‘The Following’ And Her Love For Beyoncé


Actress Tiffany Boone got her big acting break when she starred in the film “Hamilton” in 2006. Since then, the Baltimore-bred star has been consistently appearing on the big (“Beautiful Creatures”) and small (“Grey’s Anatomy”) screen but in her most recent role, she plays character Mandy Lang on “The Following.” We recently chatted with the beauty about her role, the style tips she’s picked up on set and her love for Beyoncé! Don’t believe us? Her Twitter (@Tiffboone) bio makes it known: “I’ll try to not only tweet about Beyonce but I make no promises.”

Keep reading to learn what Tiffany exclusively shared with us, and catch her tonight on “The Following” on FOX at 9/8c.

StyleBlazer: What is your go-to makeup and hair look?

Tiffany Boone: My go-to hair and makeup look is pretty low maintenance. I generally throw a few waves in my hair with a curling wand. I’m not the best at doing my own makeup so I keep it simple. A little concealer, a naturally filled in eyebrow, a rosy cheek and mascara. Then I top it off with a lip balm. Right now I love EOS products.

SB: Your skin looks pretty flawless! Can you share your skincare regimen and any products or tips you swear by?

TB: My skincare regimen is always evolving especially when I’m doing a lot of travel between NY and LA. I love Mario Badescu and REN products. I think your diet and water intake are also important in having healthy skin so I try to make good choices.

SB: How have you been enjoying your time on “The Following” so far? How does this role differ from other roles you might have done?

TB: I have had a blast working on “The Following.” I feel so blessed to be a part of the show. One of the reasons is because Mandy is so different from the other characters I’ve played. The most substantial difference is that Mandy is a murderer. I’d never killed someone on TV, film, or stage. It was a challenging and thrilling experience.

SB: Any beauty or fashion tips you’ve learned on the set of “The Following” or any other roles you’ve done?

TB: A beauty tip I’ve learned from working on the set of “The Following” is the importance of thoroughly cleaning your skin after wearing makeup. Even though I wear very little makeup as Mandy, being in makeup all day for days at a time can be very harsh on the skin. So, it’s importance to try to wash off every bit before bed and moisturize.

SB: What’s your signature outfit? Why do you love it?

TB: My signature outfit is a simple grey maxi dress. I love it because it’s comfortable and effortlessly sexy. It can also be dressed up or down very easily.

SB: So it seems like you’re a SUPER fan of Beyoncé! When did you first become a fan and why do you love her so much?

TB: I’ve always had so much respect for Beyoncé’s talent and work ethic since she was in Destiny’s Child. However, I think I became a true fan when I saw her in concert in Vegas last year. She has an energy and presence that can’t truly be understood until you see her dance and sing live for two and a half hours. She is a force of nature.

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