People Magazine Names Their Sexiest Men Alive: Denzel, Idris, Michael Ealy, Oh My! (Go See)

People Magazine Names Their Sexiest Men Alive: Denzel, Idris, Michael Ealy, Oh My! (Go See)

People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue recently hit newsstands and Bradley Cooper tops the list. In addition to Cooper there are some familiar, StyleBlazer approved faces who made the annual list of top heartthrobs. No matter what your taste, there’s a man on the list to satisfy every palate. If the enticing gaze of Michael Ealy doesn’t draw you in, then the refined Idris Elba will. No woman can resist a funny man, so it only makes sense that comedian Kevin Hart is in the pact. And you can never go wrong with Denzel Washington; he made the number one spot in 1996 and he’s still got it 15 years later.

Click through to see some of People’s sexiest men alive.



  • CooCooKitty


    • Ballbuster

      Then who would you pick then?

  • Nunya

    Where’s Tyrese, Lance Gross, Tank????? Who made this list? Kevin Hart, Really?

    • cici

      I feel the same.. Kevin Hart?? I didn’t know he was tall enough to make the list…


    Who cares !

  • Heavenlyangelface

    Carmelo Anthony?? Smh
    Damon waynes Jr is a cutie tho.

  • Me

    damon wayans gets my vote too.  and tank should definitely be on this list.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m telling you, people have been sleeping on Damon Jr for a minute..he’s ALWAYS been fine with those gorgeous eyes his daddy have him.  Mehcad Brooks is another one…all little big for my taste but LOVELY to look at.

  • Becky

    The fine ones are: Damon Wayons Jr and  Michael Ealy!!! Let the desperate fat white women have the other ones.

  • Imjustsayin

    I love his comedy, but really… Kevin Hart??  You ran out of people didn’t you??

  • Royalgold

    Demon wayans Jr and boris k are the finest brother

  • This list is horrible. 

  • Pyt3191


  • inMyOpinion

    damon wayans jr 🙂

  • Lea

    lol@ kevin way

  • Lea

    This list is all over the place..Jeezus!

  • Gettty

    micheal ealy, if this guy looks at me for 1 second, i know i will faint. he is so freaking handsome.