Kim Kardashian Takes Out Extensions, Plans To Grow Hair Naturally

Kim Kardashian HairfinityPhoto: Instagram

Kim Kardashian has switched up her hair once again! And we like it.

We’re only three months into 2014 and Kimmy has had four different hairstyles this year. She started off with a blonde ombre, then took out the blonde extensions, then went back to brunette and now, took out about four inches of hair extensions. This new look is probably the best yet.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West catch a Matinee - Part 2Photo: AKM-GSI
Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner get the Shopping Bug after Lunch - Part 2Photo: AKM-GSI

No word as to why she made the change, but judging by her healthier ends, she did it to keep her hair healthy. Fans got a first glimpse of the look on Friday when she went on a movie date with fiance, Kanye West. In a red Alexander McQueen dress and Sergio Rossi sandals the reality star showed off the layered look.

Throughout the weekend she was out and about–once in a cream Acne jacket and again in a Kardashian Kollection dress– flaunting the new do. And then on Monday she Instagrammed a photo revealing that she received Hairfinity pills that help hair growth via essential Vitamins. Guess she took our advice….

After seeing the look several times, we’ve decided we love it. It’s healthier, great for spring and frames her face. Hopefully she doesn’t change it up too soon. We may not be able to handle it.

See more pictures of the new hair on the next pages.


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  1. says:

    I love Kim, but she hasn’t had a good hairstyle since she got rid of the jet black. Bring it back. The short hair is not cute either, but I see she’s growing it. I take hair growth pills too and the growth is out of control. Thicker and longer. She should have her hair back in no time.

    • says:

      What pills do you take???

      • says:

        Mostly I just take biotin (7000 mcg) + a multi-vitamin, but I’ve tried several. I really liked GNC Ultra Nourish Hair too. I haven’t tried some of these more expensive types. I also wash my hair with Amla, which really helped it become more thick, but I think it’s only good for women with really dark hair because I think it makes your hair darker.

    • says:

      What type of hair growth pills do you take? I’ve heard mixed reviews about the hairfinity. I tried some pills from Walmart and they were so big they made me nauseous. Haven’t tried again since. Thanx !

      • says:

        Yeah I have had some of those big weird pills before too and I hated them.
        I take biotin, the gelcaps. I think Natrol makes them. The 7,000 mcg dose is good. I take them along with a multi-vitamin. I’ve never tried Hairfinity or any of those expensive ones. I honestly don’t know if it’s even necessary. Getting your vitamins, drinking water, doing scalp massage, trying coconut oil massage, combing lightly in the shower only.. all of this stuff has really helped me. I tried GNC Ultra Nourish Hair before too though and I really liked it. I also wash my hair with Amla (it’s an herb like Henna). It smells good and makes your hair thicker. But I would only use it if you have dark hair, it will turn your hair darker.

  2. says:

    Guess Blac Chyna put her on?!

  3. says:

    So now it’s called extensions??? Lmao double standards! Call a spade a spade. She wears weave and gets sew ins. Maybe she wants her hair to grow long like blacc chynas.

    • says:

      LOL so true…

    • says:

      white women and non blk women call them extensions.. trying to sugar coat it.. no damn well its the same as weave.. its all fake hair! dont care if you sew it glue it clip it on its all fake..

      • says:

        Actually they are extensions. Most of their hair is left out. They at die volume or length. African Americans get extensions too. I consider weave to be full out tracks. None or very little hair left out.

        • says:

          A weave is a weave no matter of itsa full we’ve or a partial. The hair is still woven.

        • says:

          The Kardashians wear sew-ins, we’ve all the the pictures of them getting their hair braided to have weave sewn in and most people leave hair out at the from and on top to blend their hair with the weave.

  4. says:

    Her hair is still fake! I can still see the extentions by her ear on the right side
    blowing back! She ain’t real y’all!

  5. says:

    I like this new look on Kim. It’s very chic and in no time her hair will be back. I take Biotin and my hair grew tremendously.

  6. says:

    who cares,, and yeah i came on to say .WHO CARES!

  7. says:

    Ewww she isn’t ageing well at all.

  8. says:

    She’s starting to look old

  9. says:

    Anything to stay relevant.

  10. says:

    STYLE BLAZER you are so naive how do you know that Kim does not have on a wig or better yet hair extentions cut short you do know this by being in the fashion business right?? or did one of your Reps just happen to be with her and got an up close and personal look otherwise you don’t know this for a fact.

  11. says:

    I wonder if she knows she has little to any black fans…?
    Kanye is probably telling her she can share his…..don’t nobody like her….lol

  12. says:

    I can tell this is a planted story. They made sure to mention every designer and plug every product.

  13. says:

    Those hairfinity pills are not for everybody. A lot of people have had very bad side effects from taking them.

  14. says:

    Ctfu anybody who watches the show knows ALL THEM KARDASHIAN WOMEN WEAR WEAVE/EXTENSIONS! even the women on shas of sunset wear weave and clip ons. Damn yall blind or something? Kim Zolciak too. Half of your Hollywood starlets as well. You been bamboozled and hoodwinked.

  15. says:

    How about she take out the butt pads and stop the facial injections?

  16. says:

    Kim is wearing a half wig in these pictures, I saw pictures of her leaving the salon and she has add -ins.

  17. says:

    HoneStly, it looks like she’s wearing a lace front wig.

    I use to wear clip in extensions, and YES you leave MOST of your real hair out! I wear sew ins now, and I only leave the TOP part of my hair out:

  18. says:

    Kim looks great! I love that she is going natural as she ages its a good look for her.

    Way to go Kim…

  19. says:

    Is this another attempt at tryna be black

  20. says:

    Why hasn’t her hair grown in all this time since wearing the extensions? Her hair should have been at LEAST to where the extensions are now.

    Or is she doing what Paris Hilton does and just keeps her real hair short and uses the extensions just for a different look.

    Don’t get it.

  21. says:

    Since when does the word “real” belong in the same sentence with KK?

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