11 Celebrity Women Who Debuted New Hairstyles In 2014

new celebrity hairstyles 2014

We can always expect to see a slew of new hairdos early on in the year for two reasons: 1. to fete the New Year with a fresh look; and 2. to get a new hairstyle that will complement new wardrobes once spring comes. This is especially true for the women in Hollywood. As a celebrity, reinventing your look is an unwritten rule (though we wouldn’t be surprised if it is written somewhere) to staying relevant. Besides, with the best fingers in beauty just a phone call away, who wouldn’t want to debut a new hue, or cut or style when the mood moves us? We would! So it’s not surprising when our favorite celebs start popping up with new beauty looks from January through spring. The real surprise is who will do what to their hair.

See 11 new celebrity hairstyles that have made their debut since the start of 2014.



Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie purple hairPhoto: Instagram

Nicole Richie has turned into quite the hair chameleon in recent years. Most recently she wowed everyone when she debuted a purple hued ‘do earlier this month, which looked surprisingly super chic.


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