Africa Tech Boom To Hit Ecommerce

Tech Boom In Africa Could Change Future Of Online Shopping

Lagos, Nigeria africa tech boomPhoto: Lagos River from Shutterstock


For the past four years talk of the tech growth in Africa has been a hot topic. While internet penetration only reaches 16 percent of the continent –as infrastructure challenges and economics account for set backs– 50 percent of urban Africans use the internet. Now just imagine if the world’s biggest continent got access to the internet in every single country.

Well some are already considering this and how it could effect global commerce through online shopping.

“The promise of the Internet, especially given what we’ve seen in mobile phones — which have had a greater impact on Africa than anywhere else in the world — is actually quite astonishing,” Safraodu Yeboah-Amankwah, co-author of McKinsey’s study “Lions Go Digital” told Al Jazeera last November.

A report published today by Mashable demystifies e-commerce in Nigeria, talks about growing tech interests and even delves into drone delivery. In a city like Lagos that has a population of between 17 and 21 million, using airspace to deliver packages may be the perfect solution. To read more about the growing e-commerce world go here.

With all this talk you have wonder on a micro-scale how profitable companies like Amazon, eBay, or even Craigslist could potentially expand over the next decade. Like you, we’ll have to wait and see.