Kim Kardashian Goes Undercover for Oxygen

This Is Kim Kardashian, No Really It Is

ht_kim_1_091112_mainPhoto: Oxygen Network

In an attempt to find out what people think about her, Kim Kardashian underwent a total transformation for Oxygen’s new show “Celebrities Undercover.”


Kim Kardashian UndercoverPhoto: Oxygen Network

Seems like pretty dangerous territory, but the show grabs well-recognized celebrities and makes them under to appear as regular people. In addition to Kardashian, Wendy Williams, Lil Kim, Ice and Coco have all gone through the same process. And the results have been hilarious.

For Kardashian’s makeunder she was transform by a team of makeup artist, put on a wig and used a fake accent. She was added to a group of superfans who were suppose to be meeting Kourtney and Scott Disick. Without revealing too much she fooled everyone and found out who was a genuine fan or far-weather fan.

See more in the teaser video below!

  • smittyt

    Kim will look good in a gorilla suit.


    If her pu ssy had a face it would look like that

    • MocaPretty


  • Please Stop

    This is old

    • Yep

      So old. They aired this shortly after she first hit the scene.

  • naturalpretty

    Soon to be Paris Hilton…maybe a better version though….But kets not forget who started being a celebrity and wasmt a celebrity…

    • MiaSara

      Zsa Zsa?

  • lol

    why didnt they make her a big fat bloated pig that she is?