Celebrities Already Spotted Rocking Fall 2014 Looks From The Runway

10 Celebs Already Rocking Looks From The Fall 2014 Runways

beyonce openerPhoto: Tumblr

For celebrities, the fashion industry’s concept of “seasons” is boring and probably a bit too constraining. The idea of seeing garments on the runway and then waiting up to six months for the pieces they want to be available in stores is simply an unnecessary bother. But being more fortunate than the rest of us, celebrities definitely have ways to get what they desire in a timely manner.

As such, it appears that many stars have taken on the mantra of “why wait when you can have it now,” and already snagged designer duds from the fall 2014 collections off the runway. With the shows only having ended a few weeks ago, the tactic kills two birds with one stone: 1.) Making sure no one else is wearing the same thing and 2.) Pulling in a good amount of press from the quick turnaround.

So from Beyoncé in the kitchy, “knock-off of a knock-off” sequined jersey dress by Tom Ford to Charlotte Gainsbourg’s head-to-toe Louis Vuitton look from Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut collection for the brand, we’re counting down 10 looks from the fall 2014 shows that are already being rocked by celebrities in real life.

Beyoncé in Tom Ford

beyonce single

Photo: Tumblr

  • Potsy from Hawthorne

    Couldn’t nobody pay me to wear that travesty! I’m cool on the sequined bedazzled look! I don’t care who made it! Most of these designer clothes are cheaply made, then they slap an outrageous prices on it knowing some sucka will buy it! Not me, no ma’am! Lol

    • RisingSun

      I could get better looks at Forever 21…No lie! lol

      • Potsy from Hawthorne

        Exactly! Those designers ain’t foolin’ nobody! Lol

  • PolkaDots

    3,6, and 7 are the only looks that are either FASHIONABLE or Chic in my opinion, the rest is just garbage….Sponge Bob dude? A glittered long shirt or jersey? Nawh!

  • At A Crossroads

    I like the spongebob sweater maybe with pants? I also like Jennifer Connelly’s top and Felicity Jones’ look.