An African City Showcase Best in Ghanaian Fashion

Our New Show Obsession: ‘An African City’ Has Seriously Awesome Fashion



We have an addiction, but it’s of the purest kind. Recently we were introduced to “An African City,” a web series focused on the lives of five metropolis women living in Accra, Ghana.

Created by Nicole Amarteifio and Millie Monyo, the first season is composed of ten episodes with racy names like “Condom Etiquette” and “The Belly Button Test.” An obvious comparison to the show would be “Sex and the City” with plot lines that take these over 30 fashionistas into odd dates, happy hours and chat-worthy work situations.

All along the way, the fashion is the most striking element.



An African City2

An African City3


If there was any doubt about African designers or how fashion trends translate in the colorful continent, the show will eradicate it. From Christie Brown to Christian Louboutin, there are tons of recognizable brands being worn by these ladies.


An African City



So in addition to the sick fashion, there is great acting and hilarious plot lines. Sorry, what’s not to be obsessed about?

Watch the full season by going here.