Scott Foley Stars In Spring 2014 Campaign For Charisma

Are You #Team Jake? Look At A Half-Dressed Scott Foley In Bed For Charisma

Scott Foley

Photo: Charisma/Facebook

Any Team Jake members in the house? You’re going to like this news: Scott Foley is the newest face to represent the luxury home brand Charisma, a company that makes super-soft bath and bedding out of Egyptian and Supima cotton. We’re super excited because it’s about time someone cashed in on publicly heralded the sexiness of Fitz’s right-hand man (If you’re confused I’m guessing you’re not a “Scandal” fan. Shame on you!).

Foley has come a long way since his debut in the industry, which, according to IMDB, was a role on a single episode of “Sweet Valley High” all the way back in 1995. From the Valley to the White House–not bad  at all. While we’re not exactly sure how this Foley-Charisma partnership came about, we do expect it has something to with that whole “sex sells” thing; having an attractive man swaddled in luxurious blankets and such certainly never hurt sales, right?

For his part, Foley does a legitimate job of being serious in the behind-the-scenes of his Charisma spring 2014 photo shoot below. He talks about his admiration for the products, stating their “detail, quality craftsmanship, and understated elegance,” and about his confusion about being a sex symbol. Apparently he never feels sexy, but people on Twitter tell him he’s a sexpot all the time, so “there must be something there.” (There is, dude. There is.)

Interested in what Scott’s bod is selling for Charimsa? You can check out their products at luxury retailers like Bloomingdales, and online here.