20 of Kim Kardashian's Worst Looks Ever

20 of Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Fashion Fails


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Kim Kardashian doesn’t make too many fashion blunders. Her mega-famous persona is precisely styled from her falsh eyelashes all the way down to her Christian Louboutin pumps.

She dresses with the just the right amount of edge to be considered someone who is influential in fashion, but for the most part, she hangs out in the fashion safe zone. That all changed when she started publicly dating Kanye West. It’s great that she began taking more fashion risks, but she seemed to forget her size and wear things too tight or too big or just too…basic.

Part style icon-part fashion pariah, check out Kim K’s worst looks.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: WENN

You would never catch the Kim of today in anything this basic, but old Kim hadn’t been put on yet!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian arrives at Charles de Gaulle airport


Photo: WENN

On someone less glamorous and more avant-garde this outfit may have worked but it just clashes with Kim’s overall LA-glam persona.

  PFW - S/S 14 - Stephane Rolland

Photo: WENN

This outfit would’ve been cute, but everything is so ill-fitting that it’s just a no.


Photo: WENN

If you start from the bottom-up, the outfit has great potential but then you hit that mustard oversized workmen’s jacket thing and it goes downhill from there.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestPhoto: WENN

She definitely got her inspiration from SJP’s first dress in the “Sex And The City” movie. The effort is appreciated Kim but it looks like a wilted onion is on your shoulder.

Kim KardashianPhoto: WENN

The most unfortunate thing about this outfit is that everything she’s probably wearing cost an arm and a leg, but it failed to look like it.


Photo: Getty

This is a belted tent, not to be confused with a dress.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West In Paris

Photo: WENN

Kim is usually great with utilizing the peplum trend to her advantage but this strange leather top and skirt combo is shaping her midsection like a Goomba.

2013 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals

 Photo: WENN

This outfit does absolutely nothing for Kim. It’s just on her…she’s wearing it…but it doesn’t succeed in doing anything.

Kim Kardashian departs her home

 Photo: WENN

One of Kim’s main problems is wearing too tight clothes that show off her curves in a negative way. Exhibit #3427.

Kim Kardashian rings in the New Year at 1 Oak Nightclub at The Mirage Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

Photo: WENN

This looks more like Kim is about to go on tour and perform in this elaborate costume. Alas, she’s just going to the club.

TV personality Kim Kardashian

Photo: WENN

This plastic train is, interesting.

FLYNET - Kim Kardashian attends a photocall at Debenhams Oxford Street

Photo: WENN

Too small, weird choice of blocked colors, and an unpleasant combination of exaggerated shoulders and cut-outs.

kim kardashian shopping 2 250912

Photo: WENN

If the bottom half of this outfit was a skirt, the entire camel toe situation would’ve successfully been avoided.

Kim and Kanye arrive at ther Paris Hotel [USA ONLY]

Photo: AKM-GSI

No offense, but this whole outfit just looks cheap.

Kim Kardashian is Leather Bound in New York

Photo: AKM-GSI

Pretty sure that skin-tight leather dress wasn’t the best choice for a pregnant mother.

'Mademoiselle C' Paris Premiere Celebrity Arrivals **USA, Australia, New Zealand ONLY**


Photo: AKM-GSI

Riccardo Tisci took this dress straight off the runway and custom-made it for Kim but it’s just not a good look.

Kim Kardashian heads out from Kanye's Apartment


Photo: AKM-GSI

We think Kanye wants his fur back.

Kim Kardashian takes fashion to the next level


Photo: AKM-GSI

The dress would’ve looked amazing if it wasn’t completely see-through.

Costume Institute Gala 2013 wenn pf

Photo: WENN

The infamous Riccardo Tisci floral sofa cover dress that got her cropped out of Vogue magazine. Too bad it looks like the joke is on Vogue.

  • UBTheJudge

    Photos 9 & 10 are proof Naya Rivera is going for the Kim K plastic surgery look. They look like twins.

    What is Rob looking at in Photo 14?

    • Judge Judy

      OMG… You are SOOOOO right.
      I went back to look and YES, that it Naya ALL the way.
      Shake my daaaaaaaaaaamn head

    • elisa

      that isn’t Rob. It’s a valet guy.

  • Old Face > New Face

    I like 6, 7 and 11. A few others were cute too but some of those are just disasters! Kims old face was so much better.

  • Ellen

    #3….Crack kills….Nasty!

  • *Dead*CHRI$$$


    • dianawinters29@aol.com

      why not? she’s a disgusting PIG!!!

  • R.D. Bone

    “One of Kim’s main problems is wearing too tight clothes that show off her curves in a negative way”??? you mean the fat old skankkk is always rolling out of her clothes? she just needs a moo moo? she looks ginormous in a moo moo cause she doesn’t use all her titanium exoskeleton to hold it all in-at any rate how is this hideous disgusting no taste cow a fashion Icon??? do you think CoCo Chanel would have been caught dead looking like this or Anna Wintour??? hell noooo

  • Susan Ed

    #14 — can you say CAMEL TOE???? ugh

  • Bruce

    She always dress like a woe!!!

  • Carolyn Carter

    A woman with no “real” friends.

  • jazzifbabii

    Fashion??? Statement?? The statement appears to be… Stop letting Kanye be your stylist. Thats all !!!!

  • Devara

    Ill fitting is the least of the problems. That’s her BIG FAT BUTT CRACK I see, and frankly, I’m totally traumatized.

  • bobby62

    This whole family is so over played … unfortunately with the addition of Kanye’s cash we will be seeing so much more of them……

  • Duncan Frame

    “That all changed when she started publicly dating Kanye West.”

    Shock horror. Kanye West, enemy number one. For the media.

    Kanye West should get a royalty payment every time they mention his name to sell their articles.

  • stargazer48

    Sorry but she’s a cow who needs a stylist…I think she’s under the impression that she’s tiny! Disgusting…

  • HalleG

    fashion icon, bwahh haas haaaaa!!!! Everything she wears looks like @$$. She tries to wear thing that stick thin models wear. With her giant buh-donk and hips everything looks like a cartoon joke.

  • Cathie2027

    I love it when people refer to fat/cottage cheese on their bodies as “curves” . these are not curves – stop sugar coating it. It’s fat. excess fat due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

  • Renee Waugh

    im sure the one with the flip flops well they look like the ones u get when u get a pedicure and that outfit is cute. idk why i keep checking out these little site that criticize people. like this one. u guys are morons!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • usernamestaken

    I was going to comment that she definitely influences my decisions on what NOT to wear. Then I got to #10 and all I could do was laugh.

  • jskiss0055

    Number 3 ..7…10…is the worst

  • Diane

    The statement about Kim wearing things that are too tight is correct. The assertion that Kim is somehow fashion forward in any way is incorrect. Some of her pre Kanye outfits were passable, but since they’ve gotten together she’s looked hideous.

  • TrueAmerican

    Kim is the cutest in #6 to me..

  • HarlQuinn

    I can see her fashion choices are bad and I am no a fan of kim and her supposed fame, but this is why women will never be able to pull eachother up yall are too busy tearing her down not for her choice in clothing but because of her body. She had a baby and getting rid of that weight is not easy. Why tear each other down over our body shape when we should be lifting eachother up in support of how different everyone’s body is. Thick fat anorexic skinny you should be ashaned of yourselves for ridiculing her body and not her sense in fashion… smh.

  • Guest

    She’s a fat cow with big, ugly man hands with fat fingers and big feet for her short height. She’s a freak.

  • ebok

    umm number 5 is not that bad she was pregnant dummy

  • ebok

    Why are they hating on her when she was pregnant they just mad because kim looked 30 times better when she was pregnant when they aren’t

  • lynn

    “doesn’t make too many fashion blunders”? Biggest blunder- wrong size!

  • lynn

    #19- looks like the Cowardly Lion!

  • steph

    i can’t believe they didn’t include the whale dress

  • TruthinSF

    She’s vulgar, and looks bad in anything. It’s all time we ignore her.

  • Customjude Peter

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  • Sapphire Wheeler

    No offence but that’s her style! Your allowed to wear what your want, it’s your opinion not anyone else’s, stop judging people and get on with your own life. It’s not the best look, I agree but pfft.. seriously?!?! She’s the one having to wear it xD

  • michy

    just another load of what not to wear when youre arse is the size of a bus. Butt ugly ha ha

  • Eileen Farner Beyer

    I personally think Kims taste in clothing is very poor….she accentuates her oddly shaped body. All her clothes do is bring awkward looks from people who laugh at her.

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