10 Justifiable Reasons Why Rihanna Deserves Her CFDA Honor

  • I need a soldier

    Good for Rihanna. I’m not mad at a young sistah for being recognized and awarded for her achievments in music and fashion industry. If the professional people that matters and makes decisions deems her worthy hats off to the Icon :)

  • guest

    Congrats to Rihanna. Keep pushing forward. Trailblazer.

  • Nathalie Jürgen

    “And where there clothing on a regular” are you serious ?!?!?!?! Its wear* and their* thank u and good night

  • RisingSun

    Good for her. Rihanna is definitely a risk taker when it comes to her design and wardrobe choices. Not only that but her music is so influential in the commercial pop genre. Rihanna is on the path to being a living legend.

  • seriously?


  • Tonyee

    She’s definitely grown on me over the years…She’s come a long way.
    Proud of you boo :). Keep it up.

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