Shop Our Picks Of 10 Spring Sandals We Can't Wait To Try Out

10 Spring Sandals We Can’t Wait To Try Out (Birkenstocks Included!)

BirksenstockPhoto: Birkenstock

Spring is here! (Well, it was here for a moment on Saturday in New York City but has since retreated…) We are so happy that we’ll soon be able to stop wearing socks and boots that we can hardly contain our excitement. We’re looking to bare it all this season, on our feet that is, and we’ve got sandals on the brain.

This season’s sandal trends cover everything from normcore casual Birkenstocks to sleek stiletto styles, and we’ll be trying them all out right along with you. (Yep, even the flatforms.) So whether you are looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of sandals for strolling the streets, or you’re  feeling a little fancy, we’ve got a list to keep you covered.

Scroll on through for 10 spring sandals we can’t wait to try out.


‘Arizona’ Birkenstock Sandal, $94

Comfort and warm weather go hand in hand, especially when wearing a simple white ‘Arizona’ Birkenstock. Made of smooth, matte leather with a durable sole, this Birkenstock is not only comfortable and practical for spring weather, but stylish and affordable, too. Plus, the shoe style was trending on spring 2014 runways, so they are totally IN. You can purchase a pair here.