Tiny Admits To Plastic Surgery On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

  • Rosemary Davis

    Tiny is not going to admitt that she has difficulties in her marriage no more than she would admitt to having a nose job which most can see that she did,And then on the other why would she divulge what’s going on in her marriage publicly and especially on the Wendy Williams show that information should be kept private and between husband wife

  • Smplyred

    I’m more apt to believe she’s augmented her lips over a nose job. Makeup alone can make her nose appear different and it doesn’t look that much different from her Xscape days. With the money riding on the show, having marital issues doesn’t exactly play into that. I wish them both the best regardless. They are involved with their children and it’s nice to see a family of color living above the means of the Cosby’s but down to earth real like the folks next door.

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