Thursday Tresses: Locs For Days From Real Girls Like You!

locs hairstyles

When you think about the coolest hairstyles, no doubt locs rank high on the list. They’re gorgeous in all their forms from thick to thin, short and long. Plus there are so many great ways to wear them, and endless inspiration. Not to mention your outfits will all look cooler by virtue of your locs. So to celebrate the timeless style, we’ve declared today Locs for Days Thursday! The celebration continues on the next few pages with some of our favorite loc looks!


Youtube star Chescaleigh and her famous locs


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  1. says:

    beautiful…number four reminds me of my sister. The eyes, hair everything. I have been contemplating dreads for years now, you have helped me make my decision. Thanks

  2. says:

    Sophronia- You are scum and my mission now is shut down your abuse of comment blogs like this. At east you could change your spiel now and then.

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