Why You Think You Look Bad In Your Selfie, Plus-Size Dressing Rules

Your Morning Tea: Why You Think You Look Weird In Selfies

selfie-chickPhoto: Shutterstock

It’s time to stop blaming your lack of sleep or bad hair day for fugly selfies. Turns out it’s your brain that’s making you think you look strange because it doesn’t always recognize you for who you think you are. [Read More]

There’s a lot of talk about how you can and can’t dress when you’re full figured, but plus-size model Candice Huffine is here to put your worries to rest. The first rule of dressing a curvy figure? There are no rules. [Read More]

“Yaassssss!” “I literally can’t.” “Get it!” You hear these things all the time, especially among younger women, but this type of “girl speak” could be holding you back in the workplace and life in general. Like Elle says, “The women who made it to the top of the corporate ladder didn’t get there by literally dying.” [Read More]