Countdown Our Top 8 Favorite Famous Curly Hair Icons

We Countdown Our Top 8 Favorite Famous Curly Hair Icons

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We’d say curly hair is having a moment, but it has become so much more than that. With countless women around the globe, literally, abandoning relaxers, heat tools and other methods of hair straightening to wear their naturally curly hair, it’s become a movement of recent years. However, that’s not to say that there weren’t already women who were fearlessly going against pop culture by rocking heads of ringlets. Curly hair girls have always had their icons, especially in the entertainment industry, whether they were fictional characters or real life women. From the wild blonde waves of Miss Carrie Bradshaw to the modern curl chameleon that is Solange Knowles, check out these curly hair women who have been our favorite girls in curls.


8. Tia & Tamera

Screen-Shot-2014-01-14-at-2.33Photo: Instagram

Who can forget those curly mops of hair that TV’s twins, Tia and Tamera Mowry, famously wore under their trendy, denim hats? And it looks like the celebrity twins haven’t forgotten either, because Tamera Mowry-Housley (above) recently recommitted herself to rocking her naturally curly hair; while Tia has also posted her own selfies wearing curly hair.

7. Keri Russell

tumblr_m6q71iUSLN1qiuw9ko1_500Photo: “Felicity” TV Show

If blondes have more fun, then curls have more adventures. When Felicity (played by Keri Russell) came onto the scene in 1998 in the TV show “Felicity,” her frizzed, natural curls became synonymous with her quirky charm. Of course a girl with a wild head of curls makes her college decision to chase a boy! (Little known fact, when Felicity cut her hair both Scotts lost their super powers.)

6. Shakira

shakira la tortura 11Photo: “La Tortura” Music Video

Right after her hips, Shakira is probably most famous for that frenzy of tussled curls. They’re usually her best accessory when she’s shaking and whining while performing her dancey hits.

5. Julia Roberts

bigshouldersjuliaPhoto: LIFE Magazine

America’s sweetheart of the 90s, Julia Roberts can definitely thank her wild red curls for her some of her Hollywood success early on in her career. Memorable hair for a memorable face (and laugh).

4. Sarah-Jessica Parker

elle-01-carrie-bradshaw-idiot-mdnPhoto: HBO

Think we could have a list of curly hair icons without Carrie Bradshaw? Uh, no. Bradshaw’s (played by Sarah-Jessica Parker) wild, dirty blonde ringlets were signature to the sex appeal that secured her place as the modern day prototype for NYC singles.

3. Diana Ross

Diana RossPhoto: WENN

You think of three things we you hear Diana Ross’ name: hit songs; glamour; and curls (preferably with a blowing fan). The original diva is most known for wearing big heads of curls famous the world over.

2. Tracee Ellis Ross

terPhoto: Brian To/WENN

Tracee Ellis Ross is the original #haircrush for brown girls, young and old. From her tight coils to her more recent fluffy, loose curls, TER serves curly girls natural hair inspo every time she appears on our screens. And we love that this curly girl is so into beauty!

1. Solange

'Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream' New York PremierePhoto: Andres Otero/WENN

You can’t talk natural hair circa the 2010s without a mention of Solange Knowles. Whether it’s the coils from her big chop or her arsenal of curly hair wigs, Solange has become a modern day face for natural curls in beauty.

Which famous curly hair women did we miss?!

  • PolkaDots

    Take Solange off this list – there is NADA curly about that mane!

  • MrsMommy

    CURLY WIGS? The public hasn’t seen DianaSaurus Rexx’s hair since the “Love Child” cover album in the early 1970s.

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