Breaking: Drake And Rihanna Will Design Nasty Gal’s First Menswear Collection!





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  1. says:

    If these two are a couple…I can see them as following after Jay and Bey but not Kim and Kanye. #IJS

  2. says:

    you got me lol

  3. says:

    Can someone tell me when has Drake ever been on any BEST DRESSED for anything list. Now Rihanna I can see but Drake can’t dress his way out of a paper bag…I think I’ll pass on this

    • says:

      He’s been stepping it up since dating Rhianna. A lot more swag, nice quarter length fur coat. He also had a nice trench coat. But oddly enough she’s dressing bad now?

      • says:

        @tarrilove…nah he sucks at dressing. And most times he’s rather sloppy. Only pass I give him was his birthday not too long. He was suited very nicely.

  4. says:

    I don’t see how that’s even a joke. April Fool’s Day is about pranking and joking right? This was already a believable headline to begin with. They’ve worked together many times and Rihanna has done work for River Island. N*sty Gal is a popular online store. This isn’t a good joke or prank because it’s very reasonable and believable.

  5. says:

    Kirko bangz

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