Style Room's Karen Parker O'Brien On Shopping Tours And Skeptical Designers

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Style Room Founder Karen Parker O’Brien Talks Private Shopping Tours & Skeptical Designers

bookatour_img_mainpicImage courtesy Style Room

What’s the most memorable tour or moment from a tour to date?

One client emailed me the next day to tell me what she wore to dinner the night after our tour, and to tell me that her boyfriend I met with her proposed to her at dinner. They were on holiday here from Australia. Guess he loved how she looked in all of her gorgeous new purchases.

If you could put together a celebrity dream tour group who would you invite?

Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Marissa Tomei, Julia Stiles & China Forbes. I love their styles and personalities, so that alone makes up for a fun tour (and I want to have fun on the tour too). But I also feel they would be such a great mix together of gorgeous body types which is what the world is all about. That is what makes fashion.

What have been highlights for the company so far?

Rising to #1 on Trip Advisor for Shopping in NYC is amazing, and I’m so grateful for all of my amazing clients who left such rave reviews after a fun day.

What do you have planned next for Style Room in the coming months or years?

Brooklyn tours! There are tons of designers over the bridge, and I want to find all of them.

What’s going on with the Brooklyn fashion scene right now?

So much. It’s a bit more edgy, artsy, bohemian, “hipster” (although, I’m really on the fence with the whole hipster thing and can’t wait for a new style/trend to take over). It’s just a different vibe on the other side of the bridge, and one that I feel so many of my clients would absolutely love and be open to exploring.

In honor of national women’s history month, what is your best advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Have a plan with your dream. I majored in Business and Marketing. Be prepared to work 15 hour days to achieve your goals, and network, network, network. You never know who you’re sitting next to. Take advise, and criticism, and think it all through. I’m constantly thinking of new ways to market myself and my company to come up with new ideas to grow. You must evolve at all times. I find that’s the path to success.


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