#CastMeMarc: Marc Jacobs Looking For Next Face Of Brand On Instagram

Selfie Time: Marc Jacobs Is Casting Models Off Instagram And Twitter



Breaking news, everyone. Mr. Cool himself, Marc Jacobs, is taking social media and the rise of selfies to the next level. Early on this afternoon, the brand announced via Twitter that they were going to be searching social media posts on Instagram and Twitter tagged with #CastMeMarc for the next face of the brand Marc by Marc Jacobs.

There doesn’t appear to be an age limit  or a particular style focus for the casting; Jacobs tweeted out a baby, the dude above in the huge shirt, and as well as a mannequin (?) as examples. One thing we know for sure is that Jacobs like quirky, statement-making people–after all, he did cast Miley Cyrus in that desert wasteland.

Think you have what it takes? You just might! Start tagging yourself in selfies NOW! This pool of applicants is going to grow like a chia pet.

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