'Scandal' Turns Two! 10 Of Pope And Associates' Best Fashion Moments!

Celebrate ‘Scandal’s’ Two Year Anniversary With Pope And Associates’ 10 Best Fashion Moments!

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What was your Thursday nights like pre-Pope and Associates? We can’t remember but we will say it wasn’t as scandalous (pun intended). It’s been two years– to the date– since Olivia Pope and her gladiators entered primetime and have occupied the latter half of our Thursday nights, Twitter timeline and the better part of our Friday mornings (a 2-3 hour post ‘Scandal’ discussion is a must!) We just can’t help but to be sucked into the high crisis world of Olivia Pope. And we can’t help but to be amazed that through it all– crises, meltdowns, illicit trysts, motivational pep talks, you name it– Olivia and her gladiators are always able to ‘handle it’ in style. So to commemorate the show’s anniversary (and fuel our obsession), we’ve rounded up 10 of their best fashion moments!

Check them out below!

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    I just love Scandal! Aside the fashionable outfits and Olivia Pope’s charisma, its just a great story and the plot turns itself on its head, thanks to Shonda Rimes!