New Bill Proposed To Regulate Photoshopped Fashion And Beauty Ads


Like it or not, Photoshopping goes hand in hand with fashion. We are constantly bombarded with Photoshopped images on magazine covers, editorial, and ads. The polarizing subject matter is a source of contention within the industry with some citing it as a necessary evil while others believe it is false advertising. The Eating Disorders Coalition not only believes the latter, but also that “fashion and beauty ads where the physical appearance of subjects is dramatically altered can have a dire effect on the health outcomes of young people.” Hence their push and lobby support for the Truth in Advertising Act of 2014.

If passed, the bill will regulate the unrealistic images put forth by fashion and beauty ads. As oppose to taking action against advertisers, the Federal Trade Commission would “study advertisements — not editorial — where models’ physical attributes had been altered, and work with stakeholder groups like the American Medical Association and Eating Disorders Coalition to propose possible regulation,” reports Racked.


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