90s Fashion Is Trending And Coogi Could Be Making A Comeback

Is Coogi Making A Comeback?

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We all know the lyric “Living better now/Coogi sweater now,” made famous by the Notorious B.I.G. all the way back in 1995; it made the brand’s sweaters hot commodities almost instantaneously. That popularity has seriously waned in years passed, but thanks to a healthy dose of 90s nostalgia that is saturating today’s culture, the brand may be poised for a pretty successful comeback, writes The New York Times.

The start of Coogi’s comeback might have been when Drake, notorious for his love of standout sweaters, wore matching multicolor Coogi sweaters with Andy Sandberg on Saturday Night Live in 2011, thrusting the Australian* brand back into a spotlight it hadn’t seen in almost two decades. Now with other 90s trends on the rise—overalls, flatform shoes, and athletic wear, to name a few–the time is ripe for Coogi to emerge in a new way.

And thanks to designers like Rag & Bone, who used Coogi patterns in their Fall 2014 collection, that process has already begun. But it’s not just the high fashion crowd running a trickle-down effect of Coogi coolness, street wear brand Supreme recently paid homage to Coogi as well, and there were no less than three different Coogi sweaters in the video for A$AP Ferg’s “Work” remix last year.

The challenge that remains for the Coogi crew in the coming years will be to shed the “urban” (ie: ghetto) identity that still follows the brand to this day, which has potential to be limiting in the consumer market. Willie Esco, Coogi’s creative director, told the Times he wants to be competitive with Gucci and Missoni, and to reach customers from the “Rag & Bone-wearer to Macklemore to hipsters.”

Check out the Coogi-inspired Rag&Bone Fall 2014 look below, would you rock a modern version of Coogi?

*An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported that Coogi was an Italian brand. Thanks to commenter Johnny Williamson for pointing it out. 

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  • Joyce Jones

    I’ve been trying to find a vintage sweater dress for the longest!!!

    • Alexia

      I still have all my Coogi sweaters from junior high and high school! Cricket West & and Saks fifth Ave. were my best buddies then!

  • Coogi??? n!ggaz is off that!!!


    If its fly then why not

    • Judge Judy


  • Honeybee12

    it never went out of style down south and especially in Louisiana lol

  • PolkaDots

    I don’t understand why this is even a famous brand…I don’t see anyone wearing this crap except for urban people and babies — just like Baby Phat….

    Thank God this is not where I live fashionably (Love BCBG, MICHAEL KORS, etc – POR VIDA)

  • Johnny Williamson

    Coogi was an Australian brand, not Italian. For some reason FUBU bought it circa 2009 and subsequently ran it in the ground. Coogi’s popularity as a a brand pre-dates rap and Notorious B.I.G.; Bill Cosby wore them on the Cosby Show in the 80’s.