Get In Your 5-Minute Facial With St. Ives New Products

Get In Your 5-Minute Facial With St. Ives New Products

StIves thumbPhoto: Instagram

Maybe it’s just us, but rarely in the middle of spring craziness –weddings, Easter, graduations, festivals– to we take time to pamper. Let’s face it, once the weather warms up we hit the streets looking to do everything but sit in the the house.

Unfortunately, the spring also means more movement and potential dirt/dust that can swoop right inside our pores. So, what’s a girl to do with limited time and the need to be clean? Heeey, St. Ives.


st. ives new products


The ever-reliable beauty brand has come out with several new products recently, but our two favorites are the Even & Bright: Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub that polishes the skin to reveal an even tone; and the Nourished & Smooth: Oatmeal Scrub & Mask that softens skin and smooths away dryness. Light some candles, pour a glass of champagne and give yourself five freakin seconds of bliss. You deserve it!

Another way to unwind: Go to St. Ives Tumblr page to submit your entry into their “How to Get There” contest to potentially win a trip to Hawaii. Probably doesn’t get more relaxed than the Pacific Islands.