‘We Wanted To Showcase The Best Ghana Has To Offer’: ‘An African City’ Producer Talks Fashion

  • http://twitter.com/daisydooks DaisyDooks

    Wadu, Ghana!!

  • sycamore

    So beautiful :)

  • Jesus

    I believe that we as a people should all go back to Africa.

    We have nothing to gain here in this land and I believe that Africa could provide us more stability as a unit and as a collective.

    We’ve been in this integrated system for just about 50 years and look at our conditions, Completely destroyed as a people in this land.

    • DRUNK247

      Why don’t you make the 1st move?

      • smittyt

        Why don’t you white folks pay for us to go,you stole us from there.You built this stinking country off our backs for free at that.The least you dirty suckers can do is pay us for our ancestors sun up to sun down hard work.

    • smittyt

      We damn sure don’t have nothing to gain in this stinking white tr@sh racist country.

  • chocol8thundr

    The clothes on the show are beautiful, that is true but the show itself is weird. Its like it is trying too hard. i get where they are going and I totally understand the message they are trying to convey but there is still something very off about it. that being said, its a good attempt. i think with time and practice it will get better and I am glad that an effort is being made, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

  • Lene

    I love this show! Please make the episodes longer!!!

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