Male Grooming Tips From Three Experts

How Man-Scaping Changed Jay Z’s Career Forever (9 Experts Tips For Men!)

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It’s quite obvious that several factors were in play that transformed Jay Z from a Brooklyn-bred rapper into a Hip Hop mogul. Aside from smart business decisions, hit songs and a pretty fly wife– he changed his image. And image, as we all quietly know, is everything.

As subtle as the change was, Jay Z’s look became more clean cut, tailored and mainstream through the years. When it comes to male grooming, there’s a lot to know. So we picked the brains of three experts who spoke on everything from dress to skincare and public image– and how it all has the potential to change a man.

Read their key advice below:

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Michael Hogg– Founder of Age:Nostic

On the importance of moisture: “A good moisturizer is key, as a dehydrated face will look drawn, flat and unattractive– people are attracted to a bright healthy face, not just a good looking face.”

On a common grooming mistake: “What most men don’t realize is that it’s the night before that really counts when grooming, not what they do in the morning as such. Drinking too much or eating salty foods will lead to water retention and a puffy face and eyes. If a man has been out partying too much and has an important date or job interview, a few days before he should take a natural fluid retention supplement that will expel the fluid and give the face a much tighter leaner look.”

On the importance of looking youthful: “Grooming totally effects a man’s professional life, especially if he is 40 or older. In today’s world, men are having to compete with younger men who simply look after themselves better as they come from a more accepting generation of male grooming. The competition is fierce, so it’s no longer about a great resume or good credentials, it’s about projecting a youthful image.”

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